SAP HCM Frontend ~ Build a business layer behind your SAP HCM
cloud or on-premise solution with IDM365.

Build a business layer behind your SAP HCM


IDM365 helps you take full advantage of your SAP HCM cloud or on-premise solution by integrating fully with the infrastructure and handling identity, attribute and rule propagation to not only SAP, but all the systems it has access to. With the IDM365 Identity and Access Management (IAM) solution, you can take full control of your business.

How it works

IDM365 provides a business layer that works alongside your SAP HCM solution. Simply add your workers and their attributes in SAP HCM, and then manage their accounts, keep them up to date, and control their access using IDM365. Synchronization can be set up on one side or both. Either way, IDM365 allows you to maintain workflows, approval requirements, SoD rules, ABAC/RBAC business rules, reports and much more across all your systems centrally with a non-technical interface.


  • Get up and running with a self-service portal from IDM365
  • Utilize the Sync engine of IDM365 to control provisioning from your SAP HCM system. (Connector from IDM365 to SAP HCM comes out-of- the-box)
  • Easily manage the company infrastructure from SAP HCM and control all SoD rules, workflows and reports from within IDM365

Easy Provisioning

Regardless of SSO integration, proper security can only be maintained by making sure that user data and access permissions are kept current in all the systems those users have access to. Where SAP HCM is being used, it becomes an important link in this chain. With IDM365, we believe integrating with Microsoft Identity Manager’s backend provisioning engine is a great way to keep all systems updated. IDM365 on a server with MIM comes with more than 2500 connectors that can be configured for a wide variety of both local and cloud systems. On top of that, it allows full integration with Microsoft Azure which has been SOC 2 and CSA CCM certified.

Our state-of-the-art software has a proven enterprise track record with testing being done on up to 300000 fully managed users. We believe that IDM365 will save you a great amount of time and money while making your organization much more efficient and secure.

Through integration with IDM365, you can enhance your SAP HCM with a focused business tool that enables your total control. With the added benefits of this hybrid solution, the organization can trust that you have done everything needed to secure it.

IDM365 developed its integration with SAP HCM in collaboration with experts in SAP deployment to ensure that your business can take full advantage of all the functionalities HCM has to offer. With MIM’s further integration with Azure, the possibilities with IDM365 and SAP HCM are endless. Whether your solution is onpremise, in the cloud, or hosted in some way, IDM365 will make it work.


A typical Scenario

Here’s the path an email request might take before your employee gets access:




Now let’s try with IDM365:




Gain Control & Overview

Propagating company data from SAP HCM throughout your whole infrastructure can be demanding, tedious and difficult to automate. Making changes that need to be spread securely to all systems without errors generally requires the assistance of an SAP professional. SAP HCM integration with IDM365 puts business back in control by making these features accessible to non-technical users through an easy-to-use interface. Make the change in HCM and allow IDM365 to align the rest. Sit back and enjoy:

IDM365 lets you manage your privileged Super User accounts directly from the interface, eliminating the need for a separate, dedicated tool. Full audit reports come standard.

Challenge of cost reduction and optimization

Tedious manual operations
Forms are often manually filled out and sent out, requiring stamped approval by one or more managers. IT personnel who are tasked with managing users must then carry out each request one-by-one in each system and application.

Thousands of hours are usually spent by IT departments carrying out these tasks. It’s not an interesting job but highly paid employees usually carry it out.

On-boarding and off-boarding slows operations
Businesses often suffer because new employees have to wait long periods for their access to get added or updated. Automated role-based access provisioning cuts this time down.

System deployment is complex and resource intensive
Introducing new or upgraded systems can take months of focused work, requiring lots of manual and costly labor to get running fully. Having to make sure
that every user has the correct level of access can be overwhelming and a barrier to upgrading equipment. This can be sped up with a global overview which allow the rapid and secure deployment of such systems.

IDM365’s self-service features and automated processes mean that lots of time-consuming & costly manual work is eliminated. 

These tools will ensure that the implementation of IDM365 stays within the agreed time and scope and adds a transparency so you are on top of the whole project.