Business Layer to MIM with IDM365 ~ Meet or exceed thresholds for operational risk management, cost reduction, and optimization with a user-centric interface that makes compliance easy.

Build a business layer to MIM with IDM365


IDM365 helps you to take full control of your business. With IDM365, you can seamlessly integrate with Microsoft Identity Manager (MIM), allowing you to gain all the advantages of the MIM provisioning engine without the technical clutter.

How it works

IDM365 enables you to build a business layer on top of MIM. From the IDM365 interface, controlling your business is simple and easy. Maintain workflows, approval requirements, SoD rules, ABAC/RBAC business rules, reports and much more, all within IDM365. IDM365 will then take care of provisioning via MIM, making sure all your systems are up-to-date.


  • Get up and running with a self-service portal from IDM365
  • Utilize the business layer of IDM365 to control provisioning via MIM (MIM Management Agent for IDM365 comes out -of-the-box)
  • Easily manage the company infrastructure and control all SoD rules, workflows and reports from within IDM365


Easy Provisioning

Many companies have more than one system retaining users and access. Regardless of SSO integration, there is a need to keep data and access provisioning synchronized between these. We believe Microsoft Identity Manager’s provisioning engine is great for keeping all systems updated, and so we base our implementation on top of it. MIM comes with more than 25 foundational connectors that can be configured for a wide variety of systems, and on top of that, Microsoft partners have already created more than 100 connectors to specific systems that are available to be plugged in and used.

Our state-of-the-art software has a proven enterprise track record with testing being done on up to 300000 fully managed users. We believe that IDM365 will save you a great amount of time and money while making your organization much more efficient and secure.

idm365_imacThrough integration, you have all the advantages of MIM with the business focus of IDM365 that enables your total control. With this hybrid solution, the organization can trust that you have done everything needed to secure it.

IDM365 developed the integration with MIM in collaboration with a Microsoft Valued Professional to ensure that all of MIM’s functionalities were covered along with its Management Agents. Further integrated with Azure, MIM gives IDM365 endless possibilities. Whether your solution is on premise, in the cloud, or hosted in some way, IDM365 will make it work.



A typical Scenario

Here’s the path an email request might take before your employee gets access:





Now let’s try with IDM365:



Accessing the tools and features available through MIM generally require the assistance of an MIM professional, which in most cases means a call to the IT department.

IDM365 puts business back in control by making these features accessible to business through an easy-to-use interface:

Quick implementation, fast ROI, uncompromising, streamlined,  reasonably priced, API’s included… 
 let us help you get control!