12 Key IAM Benefits of IDM365 ~ We’ve picked out 12 of the most important ways that IDM365 will impact your organization.

The 12 Key IAM Benefits That Come With IDM365

Gain overview and control

The intuitive interface enables anyone given the right privileges to add, remove or change user access within minutes and also to get an immediate, detailed overview of identities and access. The IT-department keeps control through well-defined approval processes and full audit trails.

Iam benefits

iam benefits

Delegate the workload and optimise IT resources

The self-service options allow for password resets and other profile maintenance to be done without IT resources and all the back-and-forth paperwork that goes with it. Moving the workload from IT to management allows IT specialists to focus on more engaging work.

Reduce onboarding, offboarding and modification time by up to 90%

All roles and access rights are standardized and organized in a way that make it quick and easy to setup a new hire with the access they need. No need for a series of support requests, simple workflows ensure that approved access is granted automatically and instantly. Offboarding is even simpler and only 3 clicks away.

iam benefits

iam benefits

Prevent unauthorised access

Access is provided through job functions which provide exactly the access each worker needs based on their employment position, type, location, and job roles. This ensures that nobody gains access to the things they shouldn’t.

Secure your business against collusion and fraud

Rules can be set up to enforce Segregation of Duties (SoD), making it easy to identify and correct problems which could compromise security.

iam benefits

iam benefits

Easily manage access for contractors and travelling or temporary employees

Through our hybrid ABAC/RBAC model, travelling employees can be granted access based on their location. Contractors and other temporary workers can be granted access for limited defined periods.

Turn audits into a chance to shine

Every action taken through IDM365 is logged, maintaining compiled data for user permissions and the reasons given for changes made providing a built-in audit trail. Reports can be generated regarding user identities and access seen from every angle one could think of.

iam benefits

iam benefits

Achieve good governance, risk mitigation, and documented compliance

When identity and access management is handled correctly, governance, risk and compliance with regulatory demands like SOX, ISO, FDA and BASEL should naturally follow. Through IDM365, security is heightened, controlled, documented and maintained automatically.  Actions can be traced and compliance easily proven through its powerful reporting tool.

Transparent pricing means you get what you pay for with no surprises

Since most known APIs are already integrated, additional systems can be added during implementation without incurring extra charges. Even for lesser known systems and applications, standard protocols like LDAP and Web Services are often used which do not require additional development.


iam benefits

Up and running in 30 days

Our four step rapid implementation process makes use of our proprietary tools (IDM:Clean, IDM:Organize, and IDM:Audit) to quickly describe the current situation and suggest an efficient future structure, streamlining the process. Months of data mining and having to compile hundreds of pages of access matrices are outdated things of the past.

Uniquely short learning curve brings benefits to the organization fast

Quickly learn the software with short how-to videos outlining how to perform the most common tasks in a couple of minutes. Although full documentation is available, the software is intuitive enough that your team can get up and running with minimal reading.

iam benefits

iam benefits

Adapts to your business language

IDM365 can be customized to use your business language and terms throughout the interface, which results in faster adoption and fewer errors.